I grew up in Virginia. Being raised in a suburb of D.C., where politics takes precedence over art, caused me to work hard in school (so I could finish my classwork early then draw all over it.) In 6th grade I decided that every political figure in my History book needed braces and an Afro. My teachers wrote that I was “highly social” and my “doodling was distracting” on report cards, but I had friends and got straight A’s, so therefore decided that being a “social doodler” suited me. I took my first make-up course at age twelve when mom busted me “drawing” on my face after dropping me off to see a movie. I started painting. I went to college and grad school. I learned French and Japanese, explored various cities, and lived in Japan for a year before deciding to grow roots in NYC. I studied Make-Up Artistry at the Make-Up Designory (MUD) in Soho and became a full-time painter on the most gorgeous variety of canvas in existence, the human face.

I’m currently based in New York, but work in D.C., Boston, Philadelphia, L.A., San Diego and some of the most random cities you can call to mind. I work abroad when I’m lucky. I’m in the fashion industry, do film and television, runway shows, and have published work in magazines such as: Teen Vogue, Filter, People, More, Cosmo, and GQ. I work with celebrities and rock stars, doctors, chefs, actors, CEO’s, athletes, race car drivers, writers, artists, professors, parents, kids, and even did grooming for a Catholic priest once. (True story! It was a job for Sotheby’s!) I love working with every variety of human, love what I do passionately, and know that every time I’m fortunate enough to do it I am one lucky social doodler.